Busy week volunteering…

In addition to the Walk For PKD, top, this week was was busy with:

Participating in the video for Donate Life’s #BeTheGift fashion walk on the Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge (shown later on channels 2 and 4) on Monday,

Campaigning for a few of my selected candidates in the upcoming City of Franklin municipal election all week,

And raising funds for and walking the 5K last Saturday at the St Jude March Of Dimes at Nissan Stadium and in Downtown Nashville.

Looking for something to do?

Just reach out and ask!


  1. Phil and Carol Boeing says:

    Steve, Danielle Breezy has agreed to be the VIP at our walk next year!!  I contacted her after seeing the Donate Life Fashion show segment on Channel 2 and it showed up on Instagram.  I invited her to our Saturday walk. She messaged back to say next year for sure!!

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    1. Good news! You’ll love her in person.

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