1. Rick Spielman says:

    Ah the memories! What a privilege just to be friends with and hanging around a bunch of talented kids. As I look back through the Bear Tracks “72, I am still impressed with the number of kids involved in all the choral and instrumental offerings. Today’s schools pale by comparison. Music and the arts is vital to all, but some just think its a bunch of fluff.

  2. Kevin Stall says:

    My favorite is still Psalm 150. I remember watching Ron and Rick go through the process of “arranging” it. The stealing it note for note. It was good they had perfect pitch.

  3. Karen Brown says:

    What a beautiful stroll down memory lane! It’s amazing how many songs & harmony I do remember, even after all these years!! What joy in these memories! We were seriously GOOD!! Thanks Terry and also Randy for finding the older recording of Sounds from 1972!
    ❤️ Karen Carson Brown -class of 1972

  4. Steve Konegni says:

    Wow, you guys are good! I’m sitting far, far away listening to this and it is really bringing back memories of my two years in Sounds and meeting my Honey!
    Steve Konegni Class of 1974

    1. Met my honeybunch there, too! Pretty fertile hunting grounds I guess. :>)

  5. So all that that trumpet playing can most likely be attributed to Ron Bergen, Harold Foos, or me. I don’t think that’s me soloing on Psalm 150, but all those splattered notes on MacArthur’s Park could easily be mine =] Some day I will learn how to play the trumpet.
    And the choir sounds great. I don’t remember “Hi Neighbor” going that fast, but maybe my reactions are slowing down. I do remember Sounds being a great group and that memory holds up listening to this recording.
    Is that David Chamberlain playing piano? Whoever it was laid down some great lines
    Thanks for this Steve

    1. 1 Yes, David along with Jane O’Leski. David came by to see us here in Franklin a couple year’s back when he was doing an installation nearby.

      2 “Hi Neighbor” WAS off to the races that day. We were anxious to get on to the good stuff.

      3 And how many other high schools would have even attempted Psalm 150?

      Thanks to Randy Kipp for discovering the old recording a few years ago!

  6. Mary says:

    Oh, my GOD! How amazing. I feel like I am young again!!!!
    Mary Barela-Cordova class of 77′

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