The Baum’s and Sefton’s Thanksgiving
in UAB Hospital Nov. 2009

Steve Baum is an author and speaker based in Franklin, TN. He grew up in Orange County, CA and Littleton, CO. He retired in April 2018 after 10 years with the US Treasury following 30 years in the Restaurant and Beverage industries.

He had a successful liver and kidney transplant in Nov. ’09 and has written a book: “The Life And Times of Chuck Basement” about the experience which is made available free on this site.

As a part of his activities Steve supports organ donor enrollment  and education. He is also active in his church and as a community volunteer. He is a member of the national board of directors for the American Liver Foundation and also volunteers for Donate Life and the PKD Foundation.

Steve and Anne (Barela) Baum were married in Denver in Dec. 1974 and have two grown, married children and two grandchildren…so far!

You can also reach him by “friending” Steve Baum on Facebook and connecting on LinkedIn as well as OKBaumer on Instagram.

Both Steve and Anne are forever grateful to his anonymous organ donor without whom life since 11/11/09 would not be possible.

ONE PAGE OF THE “FORBIDDEN EPISODES” IS RATED “R” AND REQUIRES A SEPARATE PASSWORD. FOR PASSWORD EMAIL:  Chuck.Basement@gmail.com (Although you may be able to guess it as it is the first name of a tough guy)

Here is the short version of the recent interview on Conversations With Victor Bright.

12 minute version now posted on WHAT’S NEWS


  1. Andre says:

    I just got my kidney transplant after 5 years of waiting. On Christmas Eve 2012. Love your blog…

    1. Delighted for you! God bless!

  2. HI!! I’m 29 and just received a liver transplant 07/13/10. LOVE your writing… hopefully I’ll be in the 2012 games.
    Great job again!


    1. You will, girl. Just…Ricki don’t lose that number…

  3. greg nelson says:

    I had a kidney transplant that lasted 22 years, my body built up antibodies and rejected it. They have meds. for that now.

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