The Surgery: Not For The Faint Of Heart

Admitted at 3:00 AM 11/11 with surgery at 4:20 PM 11/11. Excellent surgeon: Dr Steve Bynon at UAB Hospital and all went well.

We thought the liver and kidneys were big, after all the medical term is “Massively Enlarged.” But a thirty pound liver and a nine pound kidney? Excess fluids removed as well. Replacements were three pounds and one pound respectively. You know anyone else who lost forty pounds over Thanksgiving?


One Last Visitor Before Surgery
The 30 LB Liver On It's Way Out
The Liver On It's Way Out The Door
Nurse Deborah: One Of Several Excellent Nurses


  1. Leonard says:

    Wow Steve, The Lord has plans for you, thank you for sharing your story, prayers to you and your family

  2. billstough says:

    What a wonderful, valuable to share. Amazing photos.

  3. Jay Swafford says:

    WOW!….great photos Steve…
    you are a racewalking miracle!

    Jay Swafford

  4. Steve Konegni says:

    Wow! What a miracle to have the gift of multiple transplants! Good on ya!

    Steve K.

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