Well…here we go again!

end-of-the-5k-and-its-funny-finishWhen Chuck and I were both small we loved competition but knew our limits: we were lousy runners. Slow. Bad. And it hurt.
After it was confirmed we had PKD we went through the long, slow chronic illness process: Long. Slow. Bad. And it hurt.
With the support of family and people like you we made it to the blessed day…
On 11-11-09 the second gift of life came in the form of a liver and kidney transplant.
We have been doubly blessed as our recovery has allowed us to participate and compete in some sports and sometimes even win a medal.
So these “old farts with new parts”, flat feet and all, are going to complete the Nashville Marathon by jogging, walking, and anything else it might take.
You can read about our story below here if you wish:

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Thank you for supporting PKD Foundation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. – mohttp://runforpkd.kintera.org/faf/donorReievent=1037858&lis=1&kntae1037858=592CBC0752064FB78DDE0C96B9681787&supId=387088475#sthash.8iIqIQf1.dpufg/donorPledge.asp?




  1. Andre says:

    Did yuo completed the Nashville Marathon? I ran 5 Marathons when I was on dialysys treatment between 2011-2012.

    Great to see people don`t give up!

    1. I’m not a natural runner (an understatement) but a year after my double transplant I completed the Country Music and Disney Half Marathons…doing a lot of walking.

      1. Andre says:

        This is great Steve!
        It doesn`t matter are you walking or runing. Moveing is whatś important 😉

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